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About the club

The Rocky Mountain Belgian Tervuren Club is a Regional Club of the American Belgian Tervuren Club of America whose membership is from the states of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico,  Utah and Wyoming. We encourage, promote and protect the health, beauty and versatility of the Belgian Tervuren breed. We educate and provide support through our club activities - herding trials and clinics, tracking seminars, obedience and rally trials as well as conformation shows.

About the breed

"Dark, intelligent eyes gaze from a black-muzzled face. The dog's body hair is moderately long, though more abundant in mature males, and is of a base color ranging from warm fawn to fiery mahogany, overlaid with a veil of black. The underbelly and leg fringes are typically a lighter shade of the same color."

For detailed information on characteristics, temperament and breed standard of the Belgian Tervuren please refer to the American Belgian Tervuren webpage on "What is a Tervuren"

"There are few breeds more physically striking than the Belgian Tervuren. Dark, intelligent eyes gaze from a black-muzzled face."

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